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Additional Networking Articles

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Rediscovering and Reapplying Contingent Informal Meditation (PDF file) Joseph TLOCZYNSKI, Amy MALINOWSKI and Robert LAMORTE, Bloomsburg University. U.S.A.

Self-management of hyperactivity: Children's use of jogging (PDF file) Elsom, S. D. (1981). Self-management of hyperactivity: Children's use of jogging. (Doctoral dissertation, Pacific Graduate School of Psychology, 1980).Dissertation Abstracts International, 41, 3176B.

The Paradox of Self-Control (PDF file) Hendlin, S, “the Paradox of self-control. In The Disciplined Online Investor (New York, McGraw Hill, 2000).

Creativity and Control (PDF file) Robert A. Broenen, Psy.D Paper presented at the International Council of Psychologists, 50th annual convention, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, July 17, 1992.

Self-Control & Prisoners (overview) Rosa Santibanez

Self-Control in Prisoners/Normal (Statistical analysis) Rosa Santibanez

A Cross-Sectional Study Of The Effects Of Holotropic Breathwork: Quantitative And Qualitative Findings Kirsten Enriquez

Spanish Language

Shapiro Control Inventory (SCI) Spanish

Analisis De La Version Espanola Del Instrumento "Shapiro Control Inventory" (Sci) (PDF file) Rosa Santibanez

SCI· Part Three - Translation to Spanish (PDF file) Rosa Santibanez

SCI· Part Three - Translation to Spanish continued (PDF file) Rosa Santibanez

Diagnostico De Los Cuatro Cuadrantes De Autocontrol (PDF file) Rosa Santibanez - For the SCI and the Shapiro Control Content Analysis Scales: the Four Quadrants/Modes

Marco Teorico: Modelo De Autocontrol De Los Cuatro Cuadrantes (PDF file) Rosa Santibanez - Theoretical Model of Control

Results with the Self·Control Variable: Prisoners Rosa Santibanez

Swedish Language

Zenvagen (PDF file) - Self-control, control by a benevolent other, and meditation: Is God a confounding variable in meditation research? In MGT Kwee (Ed.)Psychotherapy, Meditation, and Health London/Hague: East--West Publications, 1990, 65-123.

Translation: Swedish (H. Karllson). Part One In Zenvagen,46, 13-27, 1991; Part Two in Zenvagen 47,10-15, 1991.