Grants for Workshop and Course Development

Funds Available/Eligibility Requirements

The purpose of the Control Research Foundation is to promote education and further research and understanding regarding the positive and healthy uses of human control and self-control for individuals, families, societies and planetary health and well-being. To further meet that purpose, funding is available is available for up to $10,000 for course work, classes, lectures, and workshops, as described below.

Course Development and Workshops

Funding is available (up to $10,000) for the development of courses, educational workshops, and seminars for teachers in graduate and undergraduate classes, and health care professionals to support training in Control Therapy: Theory, Research, and Practice.


Types of Proposals: Semester Courses Devoted Entirely or Primarily to Control Theory and Therapy: 1 semester $5000; 2 semesters, $10,000

Clinical Training Workshops: $2500 (offered for CE or CME in cooperation with the continuing education programs: e.g., the applicant’s academic institution; APA; non profit Institutes that provide CE credit.

Single lectures, Grand Rounds, presentations at professional conferences (e.g., APA, AABT, etc.): $250-$1,000 depending on the depth of preparation required.

Note: As suggested in the research section, where possible it is encouraged to evaluate the effectiveness of the teaching on the learners with a simple pre post design using the SCI and other instruments as appropriate.

Applicant Eligibility

To be eligible for this funding, an applicant must hold an advanced degree and have an academic appointment at an accredited college or university; and/or be a licensed health care professional. The applicant must document in the application their knowledge and familiarity with Control Therapy. (Resources are available for download at no charge at the website ( including A template for a syllabus on Control Therapy; A template for a lecture on Control Therapy; the Control Therapy book, the Control Research Training Manual; and the SCI manual).

Refer to the Grant Guidelines below for further information.

Application for funding: Course Development and Workshops

Download the PDF version of the funding guidelines: Course Development and Workshops.

Download the Word DOC version of the funding guidelines: Course Development and Workshops.

Course Development Templates

The following templates are provided to assist with course and/or lecture development.