Control Therapy Seminar Template

This template provides one possible model for teaching a class on Control Therapy. Topics covered include:

  • Background and history of the construct of control in psychology, personality theories, and systems of psychotherapy
  • Theory, postulates, and definitions of human control which undergird Control Therapy; including assertive/change and yielding/accepting modes of control agency (locus) of control; (self and other/Other); desire for control; fear of loss of control
  • The two phases of Control Therapy 1. Assessment and goals 2. Interventions
  • Therapist competencies in Control Therapy
  • An exploration of the role of self-control, self-regulation, self-management, in mental well-being and physical health (wellness/self-care)
  • Frequently asked questions and future directions in theory, research, practice

NOTE: The Control Research Foundation provides seed grants for research, and funds for lectures and classes on Control Therapy. Grant information can be found under Funding.

The Control Therapy Seminar Template

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